Marijuana as a Form of Art

Though marijuana use has purportedly influenced art throughout the years, being used by musicians, artists, and writers, it’s a strange concept to think of medical marijuana use as a form of art.


While many bong making companies have standard designs, sizes, and processes, that wasn’t always the case. Glass blowing itself is a form of art, leading to the design of many figures, mosaics, and other artworks created from glass. Recently, a subculture of this art form has formed – making intrinsic smoking tools like bongs and pipe into extravagant pieces of art. Some change colours as you smoke, while others force the smoke to travel through spirals and loops. Some bongs and pipes are obviously just that, while others cannot be recognised as such, unless you know the secret. What we do know, is that they look amazing and the dedication, skill, and creativity, required to make them is nothing short of art.


You may have heard of ‘the art of rolling.’ Some consider this an empty phase – merely referring to someone who is capable of rolling a joint. Many however take this much further. The art of rolling isn’t just rolling a joint that doesn’t fall apart; there are other aspects to consider, usually which require your using all of your senses. Too damp, and a joint has to be rolled looser, too dry, and it might burn too quickly.
Further, there is a movement of smokers who enjoy creating complicated joints that smoke perfectly. Examples of this may include multiple paper joints, Y joints (that have two prongs burning simultaneously into a central shaft) or even backwards joints. There are unlimited possibilities and ways to roll a joint, but only a true artist can pull them off.

In a Pinch

If there’s one thing that marijuana users are proficient at, it’s finding a way to consume their smoke without suitable tools. While this often leads to pop cans being utilized, for a temporary pipe, many other methods are employed. From an old gas mask to an apple, marijuana users are full of artistic ways to imbibe in a pinch.


While ‘pot brownies’ aren’t the hardest thing to bake, they aren’t the only way to consume marijuana. Recently, a culinary trend has developed in which marijuana is used not only for the high, but for the flavourful effects it has on certain foods. While there’s really no limit to what can be made, some popular choices are Spaghetti sauce, chilli, and wedding cakes.


On a commercial level, its hard to consider growing anything an art form – mass production outweighs quality, in almost every case. However, like growing a rose, or combining it with a carnation (is that even possible?) the personal growth of plants can be considered an art form. Taking care of your plants, knowing what they need or how they feel, is critical. While there is much science behind growing, to some, it is an intuitive and emotional experience.
This also applies to the creation of strains. Now done for the most part in labs, traditionally strains were created by combining other strains, and there was a level of intimate knowledge about your plants’ properties that was required. To combine one or more strains to create an entirely different one, is a form of art.