How To Become A Successful Commercial Artist

Becoming a successful commercial artist is one of the hardest things in the world. However, being an artist is all about constantly being creative and come up with ideas. Success, on the other hand, has different definitions to different people. Some prefer the financial aspect, while others are satisfied with the comfort, support or eventual fame it offers. No matter what your definition of success is, it doesn’t come from just being creative and hardworking but exposing oneself to his environment. By this, I mean having an endless stream of new customers. Here some tips from professionals on how to become a successful commercial artist.

ENVISION SUCCESS: The first and foremost step to becoming a successful artist is by having a vision and every piece that is exhibited must typify that vision. It is essential to exhibit a cohesive, logical and consistent selection of artwork as this will create an identity for you. Randomness, lack of direction and inconsistency in the choice of arts signifies that one is heading out of the door soon.

HAVE AN IDENTITY: It is essentials that you have your own identity and not dwell in the identity of another. Using the identity of another will only make the other person better and make you look like a crazy fan. Believe in what you think and stick with it

BE CONSISTENT: No matter how challenging and confrontational your art is, you cannot stop half way or be shy about your objectives. Put your art out there and be prepared to handle the outcome. Defending your art successfully is essential for your reputation a critical part of your art game.

BE SPECIALIZED: It is pertinent that you restrict your artworks to a certain niche, and that you claim that niche for yourself. Become an expert in your field of specialization and people will seek for your ideas, opinion and work. Do not be the jack of all trade master of none or try to know everything about something. Art collectors appreciate knowledgeable and educated informed artist who knows their subjects and clearly convey the significance of their area of specialization.

BUILD YOUR CUSTOMER BASE: To become successful requires that you stay in business. One way to do this is to build a realistic customer base and a devoted network of repeat buyers. It is also essential to ensure that these customers are kept and new ones are added to the existing base. You also do not have to ignore the rest of the public. The longer your customer collect the more sophisticated and elevated their knowledge and taste become. This will increase the level of respect they have for you. You also need to link up yourself with one or more major art dealer.

KNOW YOUR COMPETITORS: Identifying an area of specialization will give you a better chance to know your competitors. It will help you identify who the best artists in your field are, who’s up and coming and the spotting trends ahead of the competition. This will give you a step ahead of other allows you make the market yourself. To become a successful artist you have to set the pace and watch others follow you. Word of your astuteness will spread and collectors and dealers will look to you for guidance and the rest is history.

BE PROFESSIONAL: it is essential that you maintain a professional work attitude at all times whether it’s through email or phone call. Art collectors, dealers and even clients want to know that they are dealing with someone who knows what he/she is doing. Keep in mind that the best way to expand your customer base is through word of mouth. If your customers enjoy working with you, they might recommend you to a friend or colleague.